"Business leader, team builder, trend-spotter, content maven, and media strategist -- all I can say is, if Melissa's talking about business issues, you should be taking notes."     
- Software Entrepreneur

"If Marketing is painful, you're not doing it right"
Melissa's expertise spans IPOs, M&A, strategic business planning, market/brand planning and development, team building, company "packaging" for investment, and more product and company launches than any ten conventional executives would expect to see in their lifetimes.

"The key is in the strategy," Melissa has said.  "And if your strategy is not based on building Credibility you're over-spending and under-producing.  Credibility not only builds preference, but has become the most significant factor influencing buying behavior.  Preference builds brands and brands are powerful multipliers.  But, what creates Credibility?  Communicating deep, relevant Content that is valuable to your market, and positions you as a thought leader.  Simply put, never underestimate the power of a good story told well."

"Anyone can captain a ship in calm waters 
with the wind at their back"
The founder of two successful companies, member of multiple senior management teams in B2B technology and business consulting firms, Melissa has worked with established market movers (IBM, Lotus Development, C-bridge, Symphony), leading/bleeding edge innovators destined to reshape the landscape of their sectors (AnyDay, Quantum AI, Platform Dynamics, Dynamic Mobile Data Systems), and management consulting firms providing mission critical expertise to the Fortune 1000, non-profits and start-ups (The Cambridge Institute of Applied Management, Legacy Consulting, and Lois Paul & Partners).

Economic downturns, emerging markets, and disruptive innovation are familiar turf.  "I'm not even sure I'd know how to work in a status-quo environment," Melissa laughed.  "Case in point:  The clean tech/green tech segment of the technology industry.  Another exciting frontier!"

"Sustainability means a helluva lot more than 
just turning out the lights"
Several years ago, Melissa expanded her reach to encompass clean tech/green tech, GRC and CSR -- recently serving as interim Chief Marketing Officer for a midwestern alternative energy and development holding company. Her background in strategic and operational marketing, and brand development in first-mover environments was instrumental in positioning the corporation for an extraordinary level of funding (low/mid 9 figures).

Her unique specialization in business planning and front line B-to-B brand development for the special needs of innovators, entrepreneurs, technical founders, and early stage enterprises was deployed across five fledgling divisions, including green construction, real estate development, retail, financial services, technology, and alternative energy.

Earlier, Melissa founded voice&vision, a leading Boston-based, boutique marketing firm offering interim marketing management and retained services. Here, in addition to managing the firm, her reputation for building tailored, effective marketing, branding, and communications programs on powerful strategies attracts clients nationwide. Creativity and a hands-on approach to every venture is her signature; and her ability to recognize viable trends and translate innovative products and services into compelling value propositions has helped her position and package multiple companies for launch, financing, merger, acquisition, and IPO.

Back in the Day
Melissa's early career included management roles with high tech solution providers, higher education, and financial services companies. A former faculty member at the University of North Carolina and Temple University, she is also a published authority in organizational development, educational materials and methods, and curriculum theory and design.

"Because there's no such thing as too much education ..."
A bachelor of science degree from Rutgers College, a master's degree from Montclair State and completed PhD. coursework at Temple University (ABD) compose Melissa's formal education background.  A life long learner, however, she voraciously consumes new ideas, information, perspectives and events at every opportunity via a multitude of sources and venues.

She is a professional content advisor to multiple publications; has served on the board of the New England Hi-tech Charity Foundation; and is an active volunteer and fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and the Cancer Research Institute.